nursing scholarships or grant money available in Ohio?

I am currently a LPN thinking of going back to school to obtain my RN. Being a divorced mother of 2 and the cost of school I am sure is expensive. I was wondering if there was anything available to help financially .

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  1. Luckybeetle says:

    Check with your area’s nursing schools. The US is hurting for registered nurses and I am sure there are programs that can help you. Good Luck with your quest!


    That’s an easy to obtain scholarship.

  3. flightnurse123 says:

    Absolutely YES, you have some great options right now actually! First of all you state that you’re divorced and have two children to provide for, so are you sure you want to try to go to school full time and give up your LPN paycheck? It’s difficult to get into most campus based nursing programs without a long waiting list right now and you have better options!

    Why not get your RN, or even BSN through an accredited online LPN to RN, or LPN to BSN program? You could complete the LPN to RN program completely online at your convenience, while you keep your job and income, in about 12 months.

    Definitely check this out!

    No classes to attend, no parking to worry about, no needing babysitters, and not only can you keep your job but your employer probably has some tuition assistance plans to help pay the costs of continuing your education! If they do not then you can find a local hospital that would be glad to offer tuition repayment upon graduation in exchange for a work committment.

    Online schools also have financial aid available- and most typically can guarantee a nurse 100% financial aid. Also, be sure to check the “Paying for College” resources here:
    It includes information about federal student aid programs, grants, loans, employer tuition plans, and most importantly, a nursing scholarships directory.

    I hope that helps :)