Nursing School???????

Well here is the story; i start nursing (lpn) school today. I cant sleep. Im having second thoughts and i dont know what to do. First i have to say i do enjoy helping people, i find it rewarding. I recently graduated with my BS in public health and Sociology but have yet to find a job its been 7 months. So i decided to go into nursing, i do not want to be an RN, only because i dont want to work in the hospital and i dont want all the paper work and responsibility, i would want more patient contact. I dont know if its just nerves or what? My friend just graduated and she loves her job, but on the other hand she has NO LIFE what so ever!!!!! I mean im a dedicated person and like i said i love to help people, but i also have my own needs…. Will my life really be over??? I know the schooling is hard and very time consuming. I just need advice….PLease

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