Nursing? Semi-Late in life career change?

I have one child (2 yr old son) and one on the way (13 weeks along).
I’m a stay at home mom currently, with my husband working 40 hr weeks swing shift (4-12pm). I do have family that can help watch my son (and 2nd child when he/she arrives).
Ive been doing reading into Nursing carriers.
As far as I understand, the levels of degrees go something like this:

1. Get a LPN or LVN at a hospital, vocational technical school, or community college (takes about 1 year or so to complete?)

2. Then a LPN-to-ASN degree [Associate of Science in Nursing] (take about 2 years after my LPN or LNV). That would put me eligible to apply for nursing license, and take the NCLEX (allowing application to entry-level nursing jobs).

If I want to continue after that I would go like this:

3. A RN-to-BSN degree [Bachelor of Science in Nursing] (another 2 yrs?)

4. Then a RN-to-MSN [Master of Science in Nursing] (again 2 years I think?) specialize in a particular area of nursing.

5. A CNP (Certified Nurse Practitioner) (2ish years again?)

Only thing after that would be a Doctorate.

2 Questions.

1. Do I have that right? Is there something I missed? a Certification or other qualification or degree that I would need along the way?

2. I will be pregnant, then a mother of a newborn, not to mention the mother of a toddler while going through this. My husband has to keep working to keep us afloat… How hard is this going to be and what can I do to ease the difficulty?

Any advice, Comments, or Good story’s… any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
I’m not looking to work or study from home.

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  1. Fo Mo Co Faux Po says:

    I’m afraid I can offer you two things: One: do it! You sound strong and two: Look for grants anywhere to help pay for your schooling. It takes a load of time to get your service hours in… so be glad you have family to watch the kiddies ;)

    All the best.

  2. Nursing schools are full……you can expect at least a two year waiting list………they only take the very best……how were your grades……….this may hurt your feelings but they choose those who are young and do not have any strings holding them back…….sorry truth hurts…..nice dream……….gonna cost a ton of money……and a lot of time……..

  3. You do not need to take all these steps. It would be much faster to complete the prerequisites for a 4 year degree program and start off with that.