How Long Is The Medic And The Lpn Training Takes In The Army?

I am a M6 – LPN and medic in the Army. I left for basic training October 24th, 2004 and graduated LPN school June 1st, 2006. That is without a whole lot of breaks between schools. That gives you a “ball park” of how long it takes to graduate assuming you’re not held back for […]

Anyone know of any army reserve units around Fairbanks, AK?

I’m moving to Fairbanks in a few months with my fiancee (active duty) and need to find a reserve unit out there that I can transfer too. I’m a 68WM6 (LPN-Nurse) and the only other units I found didn’t train my MOS. Where do I go from here? If anyone has ANY advice that’d be […]

Does it sound like i got army good game plan?

Im going to serve in the army for 4 1/2 years as 42A just to give me the experience to work with women in a stressful work area. While im serving im going to obtain my degree in General studies. After im done serving i am going to take the Nursing Admission test so i […]

Can You Tell Me More About Getting A Lpn Degree In The Army?

I probably will join the Army as a 68W medic. I heard i can get my LPN degree in the Army… Will that take two years or will i get in much less time since i am in the Army? I originally didn’t want to do this in the army but the more i think […]

I Am A Army Reserve Medic In Florida. I Just Recently Finished Lpn School. How Do I Add It To My Mos?

I am a Army reserve medic in Florida. I just recently finished LPN school. How do I add it to my MOS? Does any one know how I can add LPN to my 68w MOS to become a 68wM6? LPN and LVN are the same thing. Most states use the term LPN only two use […]

How do I become a medevac medic in Army?

I’ll be going in as a 68W. One of the recruiters working at the recruiting office where I do my Future Soldier training once a week was talking about how one of the options I could look at would be becoming a medevac medic. What are the steps involved with that? Would I have to […]

For ARMY health care Professionals(nurses specificly)?

how can a reservist E-5 LPN become an RN 2nd LT and will uncle sam pay or what kind of programs are there for this type of deal? is it just school and a direct commission or is an officer basic involved or can she stay enlisted and be an RN E-7/8?