Are there any student loans for nursing you don’t have to pay back?

I heard that if you are willing to work in a critical shortage area for a couple of years that your nursing student loans would be forgiven. Is this true? Also, are there any scholorships for nursing (Associates Degree) that can be awarded to people that are from out of state? I will be moving […]

Why Is A Lvn Out West And A Lpn Back East, Is The School The Same?

If I obtain a degree as aLPN in AR can I obtain a position as a LVN in california? or is it different requirements in different states?

Go back to California with CNA license or stay longer in TX to get LVN?

Hello I am really having a hard time making up my mind on what to do. I moved to Texas last year from California, I disliked it right away and although TX has grown on me and it’s a nice place, it’s just not for me at all and I want to return to CA […]

Im interested in going back to school for nursing but i have a defaulted student loan. What do I do?

I want to go back to school, but i have defaulted student loans. How do i go about getting financial aid ?

LPN looking to transfer to LPN-RN program in Ohio, but wondering if it will transfer back to NY?

I will graduate as an LPN very soon at my college. However, this college is HORRID. I have researched and found places like Excelsior College (that would be a LAST resort for me, as it is limited to certain states). The best option I have found, at this point, is Chamberlain College of Nursing. They […]

I have a student loan that I’m trying to pay back, Can I get another one while paying this one off?

I received a student loan for Medical Assistant back in 2001. I’m finally paying on it now, is there any way I can get another loan while paying for this old one. Because I’m trying to go back to school for nursing and I really need money for school.

I messed up..Can I go back to dis school?

I flunked out of dis school back in Indiana now I am in florida and I attend another college and now I have an 4.0 Gpa. I am only going to attend dis school for a year to get an certificate in medical assisting. And I want to go back To Indiana and Continue to […]