How long does it take to become a LPN and CNA?

How long does it take to become a Licensed Practical Nurse [LPN] and a Certified Nurse Assistant [CNA], which gets better paid???

Is it possible to become an RN without getting a diploma for an LPN first?

I’ve been trying to fina a good nursing program. one school Kaplan promises a certificate for an LPN. but schools around here don’t accept kaplan credits. so i go to another school and they have a great nursing program but you have to become an LPN first which is ok. Then you can get an […]

Can You Become A Lpn With Experience As A Being Medical Services In The Air Force?

If not, how hard is it to become one?? The AFSC is 4N0X1.

How long does it take to become a LPN nurse and it is a good job?

I’m a high school and i’senior and thinking about becomeing a lpn nurse

Will the transition to become an LPN be smooth?

I just got medically released from the army. I was a medic for 6 years. I would like to continue in the same direction outside the military. I’m starting an LPN (licensed practical nursing) program in the fall. Do you think I’ll have a smooth transition? I’m comfortable with blood draws, have had experience with […]

Wanting to become an LPN, I don’t have my CNA’s will that effect it any?

I’m starting college in January and I have to take OST classes because it was too late to get into the Practical Nursing Program (LPN) The lady over the LPN program’s wasn’t avaliable to talk, I’m curious as to what I NEED to start taking college courses in August for Practical Nursing (LPN), Do I […]

My sister in law is an LPN, about to become an RN. She recently threatenened me and tried to fight me…?

I have a taped recording of her saying she is going to kill me, she is going to beat the shit out of me, and she wants to break my face. I pressed charges but dismissed them in agreeance that she will stay away from me indefinately. Is this still enough for her to lose […]