How Long Does It Take To Complete Your Training To Become An Lpn?

I have been looking at some questions pertaining to LPN’s because I am considering going in that direction, Seems that people are mentioning the training taking up to one year…..but I have been seeing ads for classes in the paper for 6 weeks with a tuition of $1500 … that a scam?

Can I get financial aid to become LVN/LPN without my mother? NEED ADVICE FAST!?

I am 21 years old, I had financial aid when I lived in Florida, we moved to Texas and out of anger my mom won’t let me use her phone to call the school and said she wouldn’t give me any of her information so I won’t get financial aid. I tried looking for a […]

What courses should i take to become a LPN?

Here is the school im wanting to go to get my LPN, i’m working on my CNA now ( im a jr in HS) i’m wanting to go to the Kansas Campus ive also taken med term, med procedures, and i plan on taking anatomy, ab psych, and pathology next year ( senior year)

Want to become an LPN- HELP?

I want to get a career in nursing. I have read that it only takes a year to become an LPN. True? And could I work in a womans care/maternity center as an LPN? If so, is there a special program for that, or is it all the same? What do i need to look […]

I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, i would like to become a nurse now (RN)?

I been looking online for any schools that would offer the RN program or even LPN but i haven’t been lucky, can anyone let me know if there’s any online schools, or if there’s any special program for people with a degree that i want to become an RN. Thanks! I live in Florida and […]

Can You Become An LPN While Pursing A RN Degree?

Im working on becoming an RN but i dont want to be in school taking nursing and not making any money for 4 years I wanted to know if after two years of college can i get a job as an LPN and still continue to get my degree to become a RN?

Do you have to go to nursing school to go become an LPN?

I want to go for 2 year nursing.. Do I have to go to a nursing school? or can I just finish my prereques and become an LPN? Can you tell me more about it ? thnks!