Nclex-pn Test Can You Take The Test Without Being In The Class?

I was wondering do you have to take a class to take the nclex pn test or can yo Challenge the test with out taking the class?

Can I make a decent living being an LPN in San Francisco?

I’m about to go into nursing school, and when I graduate I really want to look into moving to the San Francisco area. Every time I bring this up to people, all anyone has to say is something negative about how expensive it is living in California. Are things really that bad? If I get […]

Fiance Being Sent To Air Force Base In Japan As First Duty Assignment?

My fiance, who is currently in USAF Tech School, told me tonight that his first duty station is in Japan. I planned & still do plan on becoming an LPN. This will only take about a year & a half. After that I will become an RN. I don’t know if the base he’s assigned […]

Can You Become A Lpn With Experience As A Being Medical Services In The Air Force?

If not, how hard is it to become one?? The AFSC is 4N0X1.

Does the bad economy make women choose to be nurses?

I was wondering.. this for awhile now.. I heard John Tesh.. on the radio announcing with the Economy in such a mess.. with the job situation that women would be smart to choose either nursing or teaching where there are an abundance of jobs and needs for. I would think with all these national disasters […]

What Is The Easiest Way To Become A Lpn In Pursuit Of Being A Rn?

every time i go to different schools or go onto the internet i get different answers or get offered online schools which i do not want. Is there a specific thing you should be asking if some schools don’t actually offer direct LPN training?

When I Go To The Navy In Get My Lpn Or Bsn Is That Considered Being A Rn Since They Dont Train You To Be One?

they dont train u to be a rn in the navy….so what is equivalent to a rn in the navy????…and what are some more categories i could look into dealing with medical?