Going to Herzing Business College for a 1 yr program?

I live in Wisconsin. I am not interested at all in obtaining a RN. However.. I read that some Herzing graduates have filed a law suit because they expected the school to become accredited prior to them graduating. Some claimed..that certain hospitals would not hire them.. because of the school they attended. But.. they were […]

“I am an adult woman who is wanting to start College towards becoming a teacher.. See details.. below>>”?

I can’t understand.. why it is that a woman has to almost be forced into attending school for one year for a dilpoma Licensed Practical Nurse.. In order to pay the rent and all your living expenses .. while pursuing the career you “really” want? I am saying this.. because.. I have researched almost every […]

Women In 40′s Needs Advise?

I am/ made friends with a woman who has a few older teen kids. She is 40. I thought … she was trying to help me with choosing a short term vocational path.. to obtain some skills for the job market.. that would not only enable me to make good money.. but to obtain an […]

“Legal Assistant (Similar To A Legal Secretary) VS. LVN Licensed Nurse Training ? See Below>>>”?

I am a mid forties lady. I need to take a vocational trade to ensure myself of a decent job. Even if I am in between jobs Or.. in case I happen to lose a job for whatever reason someday.. I want to be sure.. I can find one fast..because I am self supporting and […]