What Is The Best Book To Study For The Lpn And Rn Nclex?

I just passed RN boards. The best book I can recommend to you is to buy Saunders Q & A.

Good Lpn Nclex Review Book To Use?

Hello! I am looking for other nursing students and/or nurses out there who can recommend a good LPN NCLEX review book. Thanks!

I’m In Nursing School And I’m Going To Take An Nclex-pn Exam. Is It Ok To Study From An Nclex-rn Book?

Or should I purchase an NCLEX-PN book? How NCLEX-PN differs from NCLEX-RN and how should I study for it?

How hard is the book work to become a LPN?

How hard is the nursing program. I am 51 yrs and do not want to waste my time if, i will not be accepted in the program.