I Need Some Advice. I Want To Begin A Lpn Career But Do Not Know What School To Go To.?

I also don’t know how much they get paid… can any LPN’s out there help me out?

Which Degree is better option for Staring career in nursing? suggest me from RN or LPN degree…?

Is an LPN licensure a good start to a nursing career?

I am a prospective nursing student and I was wondering if an LPN was a good start? And then I would advance to an RN position and go on to complete my BSN. I am interested in getting my degree this way so I can get experience/working sooner. I live in MA and I understand […]

Is there something wrong with just starting a career at 30?

I am 30 with no children and I am not married. I have worked only regular jobs my whole life working in factories, offices, and restaurants. I now want to go back to school to become a License Practical Nurse (LPN). My question to you is is do you find that there is anything wrong […]

Pursuing a nursing career. I need a more stable concrete plan or feedback on the one I already made..?

This is my current career track, I made it on my own.I am starting with a CNA -NT – LPN or get an associate RN. after that my plans kind of fizzle. I chose this field because I am a caring patient compassionate person and taking care of others is more of a personal responsibility […]

I’am In School For A Lpn In Illinois Am I Making A Good Career Choice?

Absolutely. Nurses are in demand everywhere in the country. If your good, and follow the rules, then you can pretty much wrote your own check.

Career college for nursing?

I’m 20 years old & currently pregnant, the baby isn’t due till january. I have always wanted to be a nurse, I really need to get my foot in the door now that I am pregnant. I was just curious as if there were any career colleges, short term schools, for MA LPN or anything […]