What is the best career choice, Nursing or Ultrasound?

I am torn on what to do. I kind of want to be a Physician Assistant, but I need to get a degree first. So Im taking it one step at a time. I have 2 babies, so it would be difficult to do anything drastic like go to school 5 years straight to be […]

Help With Deciding Career ?

Between a LPN ( Licensed Practical Nurse ) and OTA ( Occupational Therapist Assistant ) i have trouble deciding which career i should do and i like both. But on the other hand Which makes better money ? what are salaries for both careers ?

Could someone please give me advice about choosing a medical career? (LPN/RN/MA/other)?

I’m stuck. I want to get involved in a medical career, but I’m having trouble weighing the ups and downs of each. I’m at the college application stage. I would like to go to school for no more than 3 years for whatever I choose. I think I would love working as an RN, but […]

LPN career for a dude?

Hi my name is Alex, and I just wanted to hear some thoughts from other nurses. Would it feel strange to work with a male nurse? I am really interested in becoming a LPN! And also how do patients feel about male nurses?? Sorry about all the questions I am just a little curious.

I’m a single mother and need some career training…?

I’m a single mother who wants to have a job that can be done during school hours. Which of these would you suggest doing and why? I would be attending a community college for the first 4 and a for-profit school for the last. I am already a CNA. Some people have suggest nursing or […]

I Want To Start A Career in Medical but what would be best to just get my foot in the door and be easy for me?

im 18 years old a female and i really want to take care of the Elderly and there are NAC training classes and RN etc. but what do those all even Stand For i know some of them but not all of them? like for example NAC < RN, LPN etc etc. there are a […]

LPN career but am nervous and knowing that I’ll fail?

Kinda like the same question but alittle bit different. So I’m planning on going to college to become a licensed practical nurse but I’m afraid of a few things here. One is math its like i cant do it in my head so yeah im stupid there. two its like i always get nervous when […]