Need Help From RNs and LPNs Please!! Online Interview for Comp class….?

I am writing paper for Compostion II about writing and how it is involved in the profession I am entering, which is nursing. If you are an RN or LPN, could you please answer the following questions and email them to me. Thank you!! Q- What kind of writing do you do on a […]

Nclex-pn Test Can You Take The Test Without Being In The Class?

I was wondering do you have to take a class to take the nclex pn test or can yo Challenge the test with out taking the class?

Health Test, I need this class to graduate on the 11th!?

I already answered more than half, but these ones I wasn’t quite sure.. A healthcare worker who works at a hospital and who is responsible for administering treatments, responding to patients’ symptoms, and supervising aides is a A) paramedic. B) medical coder. C) registered nurse. D) medical social worker. A brother and sister go to […]

I’m In A Cna Class Right Now. Can Someone Please Explain The Right Steps For Me To Become An Rn?

So right now I’m in high school and taking a CNA class at this college. At the end I’ll be a certified CNA and when I start college in the fall next year I’ll take an LPN class for 16 months? I’m pretty sure that’s how it goes. But I’m kind of confused on like […]

I need help with a presentation for my sociology class.?

I’m in nursing school and taking sociology-cultural diversity in healthcare. I’ve got to do a 30 minute presentation on the ethnic group of middle eastern/arabs. I’ve got to get demographic data like where most kentucky middle-easterners come from and etc. Also, health care beliefs, communication, birthing rituals, death and dying rituals, sucsecptibility to disease, nutritional […]

Will my student loan pay for a class that is not a course needed for my major?

I borrow under the Federal Direct Loan (DL) Program. I am having trouble finding the right information. I am majoring in nursing but am signing up for a class that isn’t a part of the program, nor is it “major” related.

Anyone Has Experience Taking An Online Nursing Degree Class At The University Of Phoenix?

I was just wondering what anyone’s experiences are with this. I live in Washnington state. Online classes are great and all, but how do you really earn a nursing degree online without the hands on and lab experience that you would get in a classroom?