Retaking prerequisite classes for nursing LPN?

I live in New York and here I am trying to get into a nursing program. I already took all prerequisite classes for applying LPN. And my grade were: SCB 203 = A- MAT 106 = B ENG 101 = B+ SSY 240 = B- My question is, is it possible to retake a class […]

Lpn Classes In Minnesota?

Can someone tell me where can I take a class in Minnesota and how long does it usually take and do I have to have done any other kind of classes in order to become a lpn?Thank you.

Nursing CNA Classes……?

My Fiancee, just finished his CNA in nursing and now needs to complete his Pre. Req classes to get into an LPN or RN course. Specifically “Basic Sciology” “Fundamental Mathmatics” and “English 2″ These courses for his school are full, is there anyway he might be able to take them online and transfer the credits? […]

Any LPN’s out there that can tell me what your nursing classes were like?

I hear RN nursing school is VERY demanding, they try to break you down, you spend from 8am-7pm everyday in class, clinicals and you feel like you want to give up because its so challenging. However, I am on a long waiting list for RN school, so I have enrolled myself in LPN school in […]

I am a nursing student with three semesters left before graduation and my out of pocket cost for my classes?

has increase, poor chooses with my credit has prevented me from securing a private student loan. I am looking for a person or company to help me finish school.

What can I do to make my LPN nursing degree stronger? I don’t have any of the classes I need to get a RN degre

e. I also had spinal surgery about 10 months ago.

Why would a college offer nursing classes for PN (practical nursing) rather than LPN?

Licensed Practical Nursing