Should I Quit College for LPN licensure?

Hello All! So I have a rough situation here. I’m currently attending online classes at Kapln University. Its almost time for me to graduate, within 6 months and sometimes I feel like I don’t even know the material. College has been a great experience but I’m second guessing my major. I used to go to […]

Question about an LPN and College…?

When you go to college to learn to be an LPN. (licensed practical nurse) As part of that course, would you have to give a bath(s) to the opposite sex?

When Can I Start Applying For College?

I am going to be going to WIT (Western Iowa Technical College) for my first year for cheaper Gen Eds and getting to be an LPN. Then i’m thinking of going to UNL (University Nebraska Lincoln). When could I start applying for WIT? I’m a senior in high school and gratuating full term. So i’ll […]

Career college for nursing?

I’m 20 years old & currently pregnant, the baby isn’t due till january. I have always wanted to be a nurse, I really need to get my foot in the door now that I am pregnant. I was just curious as if there were any career colleges, short term schools, for MA LPN or anything […]

can anyone give me their input about online nursing from LPN to RN such as rue, excelsior and college network.

or is there another online nursing program i may check out. please tell me all about these colleges that you know. thank you. please also tell me the cost if you know. thanks so much.

“I am an adult woman who is wanting to start College towards becoming a teacher.. See details.. below>>”?

I can’t understand.. why it is that a woman has to almost be forced into attending school for one year for a dilpoma Licensed Practical Nurse.. In order to pay the rent and all your living expenses .. while pursuing the career you “really” want? I am saying this.. because.. I have researched almost every […]

please help. i can not find a college in new york,long island for an RN degree only. all i can find is LPN to

RN. isnt there a school out there just for RN ? can someone please help me….