“I am an adult woman who is wanting to start College towards becoming a teacher.. See details.. below>>”?

I can’t understand.. why it is that a woman has to almost be forced into attending school for one year for a dilpoma Licensed Practical Nurse.. In order to pay the rent and all your living expenses .. while pursuing the career you “really” want? I am saying this.. because.. I have researched almost every […]

please help. i can not find a college in new york,long island for an RN degree only. all i can find is LPN to

RN. isnt there a school out there just for RN ? can someone please help me….

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Would it be best to get your LPN then get your RN, even if you go to a 2 yr college that offers RN degree?

Right now im in college i go to Nassau Community College. I’m only taking six credits and this is my second semester. I know nassau nursing program is very competitve. I also dont want to waste my money by waiting on the waiting list to get into the nursing program.

Nursing program or conventionial college?

I am looking into nursing school, what is the better course of study? I can attend a 1 year LPN program finish that and work as an LPN, as I attend an LPN to RN program. Or is it better to attend a conventional 4 year college and major in nursing? What are the pros […]

Has anyone attended the LPN Program at Bow Valley College in Calgary?

I’m wondering if anyone has attended the Licensed Practical Nurse Program offered from Bow Valley College in Calgary, Alberta? If so, what did you like most about the program? How was the training? Are the classes small? Is it a reputable College? What was the average age of the people attending the program? Was it […]

Has anyone completed the Paramedic to RN or LPN to RN program offered by The College Network?