What are some good nursing schools that I could get my RN and BSN degree at?

At the high school I’m attending I am this year taking their nursing program which in when I graduate I will have my LPN license, so I am planning to go on to college tp get both of these degrees… I live in chattanooga, t.n. but i am ok wiht going to college outside of […]

If you get your LPN degree can u get a job in Alaska?

I live in Florida and is working on my LPN degree. & My boyfriend wants to move to Alaska to work with their oil line. Can I get a job as a nurse there with my LPN degree?

I have a BA degree in sociology.I’m interested in nursing.Should I go for LPN or try an accelerated ASN degree?

Each program is about a year after prereqs. I will be an RN if I complete the accelerated ASN program. Should I be an LPN first or can i be a good RN w/o the prior nursing experience.

please help. i can not find a college in new york,long island for an RN degree only. all i can find is LPN to

RN. isnt there a school out there just for RN ? can someone please help me….

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What is the average amount of student loan debt that people have after their BA degree?

I know that not everyone takes out a loan for school but I just need an estimate number. I feel overwhelmed and stress out because I’m going to Nursing school and will have 28,000 in debt over my head after I graduate. I’m really really stressed! I do have a job lined up after I […]

Can I use credits from lpn school toward an rn degree?

I already have a b.a. from 1992. Need more money and more opportunities. Would like to work in a hospital or dr.’s office.