What Is Iowa’s Requirements For Duty To Act For Trained Medical Staff?

I want to know what is Iowa’s requirement for Duty to Act for trained medical staff? Examples: Trained Staff, EMTs, LPN Nurse, RN Nurse, Doctors… and so on? And what are the penalties if caught not assisting at a scene?

Fiance Being Sent To Air Force Base In Japan As First Duty Assignment?

My fiance, who is currently in USAF Tech School, told me tonight that his first duty station is in Japan. I planned & still do plan on becoming an LPN. This will only take about a year & a half. After that I will become an RN. I don’t know if the base he’s assigned […]

How much education is needed to be a nursing assistant vs. an LPN? What is the difference in job duty & pay?

AECP vs. Active Duty ROTC question?

Hello, I am currently a LPN working on my pre-reqs for an RN program. Being Active Duty Army, I have many options in regards to furthering my education and receiving my BSN. One is the AMEDD Enlisted Commissioning Program (AECP), the other is the 2yr Active Duty ROTC program. Both offer full pay and benefits […]

Any Advice On Going Active Duty Army From The Reserves?

Do they give you any choice at meps as to where you might get stationed or is it just what fits the needs of the army? What are the best duty stations for a single female soldier? I am a 68WM6 (medic/LPN) so imagine I could get stationed just about anywhere…