How do i I get a student loan to finance my study of LPN?

Me and my family will be ariving in th US as immigrants hopefully by early next year.I am considering studying LPN which is about ,000 to ,000 tops to finish the full 15 months course. I don’t have the fund needed to supoport my study yet, Am I qualified for any possible student loans?as my […]

Borrowing a student loan to finance a car?

I am a nursing student and cannot work at the time. I tried it with a part time job and its impossibe with a husband and home too. I have 18 months in nursing program but want to upgrade my “ole” 1998 honda accord. It has been giving me mechanical problems, plus my husband wants […]

I Graduated In 96 From Nursing School Lpn Recently Was Laid Off Finance Position I Held For 10 + Any Ideas?

You have job security as an LPN, you do not have job security in any finance position. Your job is meeting people and you are on your feet and walking most of your shift. You get lots of exercise and human interface on a constant basis. There is greater demand then ever in the nursing […]