Help I Just started my first lpn job at a nursing home?

I have been in er as a emt for 7 years. I have 34 patients at the nursing home. It that normal? I hate it. It is extremely overwhelming. I am thinking about quiting lpn job and I go back to rn school in summer. What shall I do? I paid 29 thousand to be […]

advice for somebody getting their first student loan?

I am new to being a freshly financially independent person. I am in nursing school and need a student loan for the next couple terms. What are the steps/process in getting a student loan. What do I need to know? Any tips/advice/information is appreciated.

How Is My First Resume?i Need Advice. The Job Is In A Nursing Home.?

First name last name address state zip code Cell phone email Objective: To be employed at a healthcare facility that will improve my skills and to prepare for a future nursing career. OR To obtain skills in a healthcare employment opportunity for preparation in my future nursing career. Education: Glaiuds Vermont Calf, Me 04894 2006- […]

Nclex-rn Passer Wants To Be An Lpn First, Is It Possible?

Even though i passed NCLEX-RN, do i need to pass NCLEX-PN too if i want to be an LPN first? I want to work my way up the ladder first, from LPN to RN. I’m educated outside the US by the way and a fresh graduate too. So i’m really not confident with the ways […]

Fiance Being Sent To Air Force Base In Japan As First Duty Assignment?

My fiance, who is currently in USAF Tech School, told me tonight that his first duty station is in Japan. I planned & still do plan on becoming an LPN. This will only take about a year & a half. After that I will become an RN. I don’t know if the base he’s assigned […]

Is it possible to become an RN without getting a diploma for an LPN first?

I’ve been trying to fina a good nursing program. one school Kaplan promises a certificate for an LPN. but schools around here don’t accept kaplan credits. so i go to another school and they have a great nursing program but you have to become an LPN first which is ok. Then you can get an […]

Help with nursing education? Shoud Z train as an LPN first, then continue schooling, or take the prereqs, and?

go straight for an associates as an RN? I figure obviously RN is better paying, but if I’m an employed LPN, would i be able to recieve reimbursement to go to school as an RN, or is that only RN-BSN programs that recieve reimbursement? It would be cheaper to start out as an LPN, but […]