I’m In Nursing School And I’m Going To Take An Nclex-pn Exam. Is It Ok To Study From An Nclex-rn Book?

Or should I purchase an NCLEX-PN book? How NCLEX-PN differs from NCLEX-RN and how should I study for it?

Moving from Ohio to the Myrtle Beach area ~ Help!!?

My husband, 12 yr. old son, and 8 yr. old daughter are planning a move to the Myrtle Beach area after school is out in June. I need any info. on jobs, housing, schools, etc. I am an LPN and my husband is a electrician/construction/maintenance man. I hope to find someplace close enough to the […]

How To Make The Switch From Cna To Lpn In Florida?

You have to go to nursing school and get your LPN license. The two jobs are not interchangeable.

I am interested in becoming an LPN/RN but I have a felony charge from when I was 16, Do I still have a chance?

When I was 16 I was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and intent to sale (or sales of controlled substance). It was truly a huge misunderstanding and I got a slap on the wrist with community service. I’m now 24 and a dedicated student with an 3.88 gpa, interested in going through the […]

Can I use credits from lpn school toward an rn degree?

I already have a b.a. from 1992. Need more money and more opportunities. Would like to work in a hospital or dr.’s office.

I need a HUGE favor from anyone… Please Help me?

I need to know how many pages this paper is. My Microsoft word is not working, so I am typing it in my email. It needs to be double spaced, font size 12, times, Thank you!! When researching or updating your knowledge on the profession of nursing, The Office of Profession website is a helpful […]

whats the difference from LPN and Medical Assistant.?? ASAP?

i live in Florida, so hope this hellps. i want to know whats the difference from an lpn and a meadical asst. who gets paid more and would a certificate at a vocational school matter if i go for the lpn program? llike would my pay be less?? also is a lpn a practical nurse […]