Is an LPN licensure a good start to a nursing career?

I am a prospective nursing student and I was wondering if an LPN was a good start? And then I would advance to an RN position and go on to complete my BSN. I am interested in getting my degree this way so I can get experience/working sooner. I live in MA and I understand […]

I’am In School For A Lpn In Illinois Am I Making A Good Career Choice?

Absolutely. Nurses are in demand everywhere in the country. If your good, and follow the rules, then you can pretty much wrote your own check.

Do Lpn’s In Alaska Make Good Money. ?

I was thinking of moving to Alaska (Anchorage or Juneau), and i was wondering if it is possible to live out there on a nurse’s salary. Is it really as expensive as they say it is… thanks in advance

Where’s a good place to apply for a job as a nursing student?

I’m taking a year off from nursing school. I have a year of clinical nursing experience. Where can I apply? (I’m going for my LVN/LPN license) I’m currently located in the Bay Area, CA. thanks

What is a good online nursing program for LPN to RN?

I will graduate LPN school in September and want to pursue my RN online. I’m looking for something with an accredidation and within a reasonable price range. I live in southern Ohio. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

Good Lpn Nclex Review Book To Use?

Hello! I am looking for other nursing students and/or nurses out there who can recommend a good LPN NCLEX review book. Thanks!

What are some good nursing schools that I could get my RN and BSN degree at?

At the high school I’m attending I am this year taking their nursing program which in when I graduate I will have my LPN license, so I am planning to go on to college tp get both of these degrees… I live in chattanooga, t.n. but i am ok wiht going to college outside of […]