Good Lpn Nclex Review Book To Use?

Hello! I am looking for other nursing students and/or nurses out there who can recommend a good LPN NCLEX review book. Thanks!

What are some good nursing schools that I could get my RN and BSN degree at?

At the high school I’m attending I am this year taking their nursing program which in when I graduate I will have my LPN license, so I am planning to go on to college tp get both of these degrees… I live in chattanooga, t.n. but i am ok wiht going to college outside of […]

Where Are The Good Lpn/lvn Jobs For Guys In Northern California?

Places I don’t like to work: MedSurg, Nursing Home, Home Health etc. Sacramento, Davis, Stockton, Roseville, Fairfield, ??

How long does it take to become a LPN nurse and it is a good job?

I’m a high school and i’senior and thinking about becomeing a lpn nurse

Does this seem like a good plan, while in the military?

Im joining as a 42A MOS ( to gain skills dealing with women in a stressful period). Ill be doing this for 4 1/2 years. While serving i will complete my Associates in General Studies. When i get out the military at age 24/25, Im going to take the admission test to the nursing program […]

Does Anybody Know Of A Good Paying Lpn Job On The West Side Of Knoxville?

I hate my job, I want a new one but I need to make decent money. I am an LPN and would do about anything LEGAL

Is the demand for LPN job good nowadays?

I am thinking about obtaining my degree as a Licensed Practical Nurse but I wanted to know if the demand if still good for it.