Can someone who’s graduated from an RN Program take the LPN N-CLEX w/out having been in an LPN Program?

I’m a recent graduate of a RN Program who is looking to pick up a little more practical experience as an LPN before I take the RN N-CLEX. Can I take the LPN N-CLEX even though it was the RN program that I graduated from?

HOW can I get a medical transcription job? I’m an LPN, graduated in May. Several weeks before graduation, I ?

found out I’m pregnant (unexpectedly) and due in March. I only went to LPN school to be able to bridge into RN school. It is difficult to get into RN school here in Georgia, and that was the best way for me. My Hus is an RN, but we can’t live on ONLY what he […]

Could U Work As A Cna Job For The Meantime When U Just Graduated From Lpn Course? While Reviewing For Nclex?

If you find a facility that does not require the C. part of CNA (the certification) then absolutely, but without the actual certification, even if you are trained beyond that scope of practice, I don’t think a place can legally hire you. There are tons of facilities that don’t require the certification if you can […]

Should I be LPN or an RN? Just Graduated High School?

I’m not sure which degree I should go for…RN or LPN? I’m not a big blood person, but the medical field for pregnancies have always interested me, and I can handle that stuff. However, I only want to go to school for a bachelors degree. RN?LPN?or any other bachelors that deals with the medical feild […]

Are there any programs that help pay back student loans?

In the last 4 years I have had financial hardship, being a single parent of 6 children, and was not able to maintain monthly payments for my loan and now my paycheck is being garnished. I am a NYS Registered Nurse and can not afford to make the payments, I already had a few forbearances […]

How do you get your Transcripts if you attended and graduated from David Hale Nursing LPN in 1992?

I graduated from the LPN program at David Hale Fanning in 1992 and want to get my RN, but since the school is closed, I need to know how to get my transcripts?

I Graduated In 96 From Nursing School Lpn Recently Was Laid Off Finance Position I Held For 10 + Any Ideas?

You have job security as an LPN, you do not have job security in any finance position. Your job is meeting people and you are on your feet and walking most of your shift. You get lots of exercise and human interface on a constant basis. There is greater demand then ever in the nursing […]