how hard is the NET nursing entrance test??

I want to become an LPN this is the test I have to take to get accepted. How hard is it? Any advices what are the things that I really need to know specially math. thanks and online, where can I FIND some examples of the test?

Is it hard to get a LPN (licensed practical nurse) job right now?

I don’t care where I work…I know the hospitals are getting rid of LPN’s but are there still lots of job in nursing homes in this economy still??

How Hard Is The Nclex Pn Or Rn Test ? Is It Somewhat Easy To Pass?

I took the NCLEX-PN in august and passed. I study a lot the last 2 weeks before my test. Everyone has their own test so its hard to tell you what to study. I graduated with 20 and i know that like 4-5 of my classmates failed the first time. Its a lot to do […]

Was It Hard For You To Get Into Practical Nursing (lpn) School?

The amount of difficulty differs from state to state. Having said that, it is not easy in any state. They all have, as well as I know, entrance exams and you must come within a certain percentile. I went to nursing school many years ago but I would think things have not changed. If you […]

Does the bad economy make women choose to be nurses?

I was wondering.. this for awhile now.. I heard John Tesh.. on the radio announcing with the Economy in such a mess.. with the job situation that women would be smart to choose either nursing or teaching where there are an abundance of jobs and needs for. I would think with all these national disasters […]

How hard in ohio is it to find work as a certified medical assistant?

I was, or am considering going to school to become a medical assistant. While speaking to my WIA “helper” at Job and Family services about possible $ aid ( I am laid off from my former employer) I was told their is not a need for them in our area. I live North of Dayton […]

im having hard time looking for a LPN job here in NY,is it better to look for direct hiring or go thru nursing?