I am doing a career fair and I need some help finding some interesting ideas that would make my career fair?

career fair stand out. Please if you have any ideas for the career fair that has to be displayed on cardboard, please let me know. The career I am wanting to display at the career fair is LPN nursing. Your help and kindness is appreciated:) Thank you!

Any ideas for online nursing schools??

Anyone know of any online nursing schools for LPN or RN.. either bachelors or associates or just RN or LPN certifications. Its been a hell of a time trying to find a school to get into… Alot of the nursing schools of waiting lists of about 2 years. Please help !!!

CNA>NT>LPN>RN> ……? How realistic is my plan? Any ideas to refine my plan to make it flow?

This is my current career track, I made it on my own. I chose this field because I am a caring patient compassionate person and taking care of others is more of a personal responsibility to me than a job and I had that one great AP teacher who helped me to grasp how your […]

Does Anyone Know Any Ideas About Jobs In Alabama?

I am looking for a job to start saving up for college. Yes I know that there are scholarships out there but with the economy like it is I am totally blown about what I need to do to get college money. I know loans can be taken out but I don’t like feeling tied […]

i want some job ideas?

i want some ideas on jobs biased on what im looking for so all these things in one job everything im about to list has to be in the job curricular to be answered correctly 1. i want to help people. 2.i want to do something that’s fun and exiting and that is new every […]

I Graduated In 96 From Nursing School Lpn Recently Was Laid Off Finance Position I Held For 10 + Any Ideas?

You have job security as an LPN, you do not have job security in any finance position. Your job is meeting people and you are on your feet and walking most of your shift. You get lots of exercise and human interface on a constant basis. There is greater demand then ever in the nursing […]

I Am An Lpn Looking For An Transition To Rn Course In The Mississippi Area. Any Ideas Where I Can Apply At?

If I am an lpn and want to do an rn program in the southhaven mississippi area what colleges do I need to apply to