which one of these jobs get paid more money can you give me the actually hourly pay or salary?

Hemodialysis Technician ,Practical Nursing or Optometric Assisting when i checked payscale it said hemodialysis technican an the LPN get paid about the same but idk can you guys help me an do you happend to know if the air force have Hemodialysis technicans ?

Are There Many Nursing Jobs (lpn) Available In Southern Colorado? What’s The Typical Wage?

I’m thinking of relocated with my 2 teenage kids. It will be just us though and I need to know that I can find a job quickly and be able to support us on just my income. Any information/advice would be great. Thanks!

Best state for medical jobs?

Coming out of nursing school they tell you jobs in health care will always be in demand. Well here in Virginia it is not. [See article: http://allnurses.com/virginia-nurses/no-nursing-shortage-377709.html] So we are just not making enough money at my current job here. I am a LPN now but still studying to be a RN by the end […]

What other jobs should I look into?

I am an LPN who has only worked in nursing home type settings. I am so burnt out with this kind of work and I want to do something else that is more specialized and different but not in a hospital. Any ideas on something different that I could do and still use my education?? […]

What Type Of Jobs Are Available For New Grad Lpns In The Mississippi And Memphis Tennessee Area.?

I will probably be moving in JUne and I am a new grad lpn with 3 years cna and med tech experience . Are there any jobs available in that area.

Does Anyone Know Any Ideas About Jobs In Alabama?

I am looking for a job to start saving up for college. Yes I know that there are scholarships out there but with the economy like it is I am totally blown about what I need to do to get college money. I know loans can be taken out but I don’t like feeling tied […]

Where Are The Good Lpn/lvn Jobs For Guys In Northern California?

Places I don’t like to work: MedSurg, Nursing Home, Home Health etc. Sacramento, Davis, Stockton, Roseville, Fairfield, ??