Where Are The Good Lpn/lvn Jobs For Guys In Northern California?

Places I don’t like to work: MedSurg, Nursing Home, Home Health etc. Sacramento, Davis, Stockton, Roseville, Fairfield, ??

What are the differences of these nursing jobs?

* Nursing * Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) * Practical Nursing (LPN) * Nursing (RN) * Vocational Nursing (LVN) * Certified Nurse * R.N. to B.S.N.

How much do LPNs make in the Chicagoland area, where are the jobs and what does the job itself consist of?

I’m thinking of changing careers from corporate to something in the medical field. Would like to go to nursing school but can’t even get in until at least fall of ’09 or Winter of ’10. Meanwhile, I thought I can get my LPN license and work while waiting to get into nursing school. Is this […]

Is It Possible/legal To Work 2 Jobs As An Lpn Seperate Corporations?

I start school soon to be a LPN…. I know that nursing shift generally come in 3 12 hour shifts well I want to know if it is legal to work 3 12 hour shifts at one job say mon-wed and then thu-sat work at a different hospital/doctor’s office I know it’s probably a stupid […]

In what part of the U.S. where nursing jobs are plentiful?

I’m an LPN currently working in Florida. I would like to leave florida. I’m looking for a good state to live in? I would like some suggestions. I’m an American nurse. I would like to hear from the Canadian nurses as well.

Does anyone know if there are nursing(LPN) jobs hiring in missouri?

If you know any nursing jobs that is hiring an LPN please comment, or if you know any jobs at like Walgreens or CVS in the little clinic please comment…. if you also know how much the pay, and there phone # THAT WOULD BE AWESOME…THANKS SOOO MUCH((:

Does the bad economy make women choose to be nurses?

I was wondering.. this for awhile now.. I heard John Tesh.. on the radio announcing with the Economy in such a mess.. with the job situation that women would be smart to choose either nursing or teaching where there are an abundance of jobs and needs for. I would think with all these national disasters […]