Does anyone know any nursing (LPN or RN) programs offered in Northeastern Ohio?

Please help!!! Thank you!!!

Does anyone know of any student loans for nursing students?

My mother cannot pay for my schooling anymore. I am currently in a BSN program and need to find a way to continue without a co signer.

I Need To Know …what Vocational/trade Schools Offer Lpn/lvn In Washington State?

But not expensive ones =/.or it could even be like an adult school type of a thing…please im having a hard time finding some ….and im going to be living like in the north part of washington STATE. thanks =]

Does anyone know anything about Excelsior’s LPN to RN program?

Hey Everybody…here’s my story in a nutshell… I failed out of my RN program two weeks before graduating and instead ended up sitting for my lpn board. I am now an LPN in LTC and am looking into going to Excelsior. I can’t seem to find the answer to this question without paying a application […]

Anyone know of any army reserve units around Fairbanks, AK?

I’m moving to Fairbanks in a few months with my fiancee (active duty) and need to find a reserve unit out there that I can transfer too. I’m a 68WM6 (LPN-Nurse) and the only other units I found didn’t train my MOS. Where do I go from here? If anyone has ANY advice that’d be […]

What career I can work in based on my stats?

I am a middle aged grandmother…and I have some health problems that make it virtually impossible to work outside of my home. (But if you have any ideas – please assist) Are there any careers that I could do at home preferably in the medical field? My dream was always to be a nurse but […]

Does anyone know if there are nursing(LPN) jobs hiring in missouri?

If you know any nursing jobs that is hiring an LPN please comment, or if you know any jobs at like Walgreens or CVS in the little clinic please comment…. if you also know how much the pay, and there phone # THAT WOULD BE AWESOME…THANKS SOOO MUCH((: