I Have A Wisconsin Lpn Nursing License I Moved To North Carolina Can I Still Use My Wisconsin Nursing License?

Yes, Wisconsin is a compact state and so is North Carolina. Compact states recognizes nursing licenses from other states, and you don’t have to apply for a license in a compact state. Provided your license does not have any restrictions or disciplinary actions, it is valid in NC.

My nursing license was suspended for 5 years, do I need a lawyer when going for reinstatement next year?

7 years ago I was prescribed a narcotic pain medication for severe migrains. At the time I was in my last year of nursing school (LPN certification). I was awarded almost a full scholarship to the LPN program, purely based on my grade point average. I graduated top of my class, and was given 3 […]

What Else Could You Do With A Lpn License?

My friend dropped out of college and went to a one year and got an Lpn license. Worked in a few places and part time and Hated it-like nursing homes treated like bottom rung etc. He really wants to pursue something else- like managerial but has no experience. Since the Lpn school offered no transferable […]

Can I Transfer A Michigan Lpn Or Rn License To Alabama?

You can transfer a Nursing license, no matter whether its an LPN or an RN license because the NCLEX is now a nationwide test. The only thing that may change when you transfer your license is the criteria for keeping your license from year to year. You may have to attend more seminars, inservices, or […]

I’m A Lpn In Florida And Wish To Transfer My License To Texas, How Do I Go About Doing This?

Texas Nurses [Archive] – allnurses.com Nursing for Nurses LPN License transferring to The State of Texas. Moving to Texas. Alternative Communication … Lonestar transfer? Nursing in San Antonio, TX. Scott & White …

I Will Graduate With Lpn License Next Year From Illinois School, How Do I Transfer This To Work In Pa?

This shool is national league of nursing approved (NLN)

How Do I Tranfer My Lpn License From Ohio To New York??? Help!!?

I didn’t specify earlier sorry. Thanks for answering the question though. I am having problems figuring out how to transfer my lpn license. I am not sure but I think I might have to take an extra course or something. Does anyone have any idea how this works???? HELP