How Can I Get My Friend Get Her A Lpn License Transfer Form To Alaska??

she is taking a nursing job in alaska and I guess she needs a form I guess for her license to be usable…anyone have any ideas?

I Have A Lpn License In The State Of In. I Am Moving To Idaho What Do I Need To Do?

Will my license tranfer to Idaho or will I have to retake the test?

Lpn In Missouri Needs License In Kansas?

I am a LPN with a Missouri License needing a Kansas license.

Should i study cisco cnna or License practical nurse LPN?

Your opinion please. I am considering studying cisco ccna or Licensed practical nurse LPN. Which one should i study? Thanks

What does an License Practical Nurse do? Do you enjoy it?

I just spent (more like WASTED) 18 months of my life at a private college ( please dont ever do!) for an AAS degree in Dental Assisting. During my externships I realized how awful the dentists were in private practices. They were all money hungry and thought they were God. In one office the dentist […]

How To Begin Self Employed Nursing (lpn License) In Indiana?

My wife would like to begin her own Visiting Nurse Service. Does anyone know if it possible here in central Indiana? If so, how do you get started so that you are able to collect insurance or other form of payments for services provided?

LPN License and alcohol abuse?

If a person is an LPN Nurse can they lose their license if they get a DUI? Can they lose their license for alcohol abuse?