Licensed Practical Nursing Program in VA?

I would like to be an LPN, but I can’t move for at least a year. I live in Albemarle (Charlottesville) Virginia. Does anyone know of an LPN program I could apply to that is around there?

Can I Live A Comfortable Lifestyle On A Licensed Practical Nurse Salary?

im currently in indianapolis, in. but after im done with school, i plan on moving to either florida or california…im not sure which one to move to and im not even sure if i will be making enough to live in either of these places.

Is it hard to get a LPN (licensed practical nurse) job right now?

I don’t care where I work…I know the hospitals are getting rid of LPN’s but are there still lots of job in nursing homes in this economy still??

Pros and cons for becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or a Dental Hygienist? Best Career path?? ?

Somebody help!!

what exactly does a licensed practical nurse(LPN) do?

what can they not do that an RN do?

Salary For an LPN ? ( Licensed Practical Nurse )?

what do Licensed Practical Nurse’s make an hour, like in New York City ? do they make good money ?

Is There A Web Site Where I Can Find Out If Someone Is A Licensed Lpn In Alabama?

I work for a staffing agency and I have had several applications for a Job Order I have for a home nurse in alabama. One reponse said they were an LPN. How can I check to make sure she is licensed? Her resume shows she could be a prefect fit; however, she is supposed to […]