I’m Searching For Job Listings In Newport And/or Searcy, Arkansas That Need Licensed Practical Nurses?

It doesn’t matter whether it is a hospital, nursing home, or doctor’s offfice.

what do you call an LPN (licensed practical nurse) with a Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) ?

But I am licensed in VA…..?

Hi. I am currently an LPN (4th year) who is presently in the beginning stages (taking pre-reqs) toward my RN. I know I need to get into a nursing program preferably before my 6 year mark is up, BUT an obstacle has come into play. My husband orders will be up in Feb. He cant […]

What is the base salary for licensed practical nurses?

I’m thinking about going to LPN school in Jax, Florida. I’m just curious what type of salary to expect afterwards. Thanks!

Is it hard to get a LPN (licensed practical nurse) job right now?

I don’t care where I work…I know the hospitals are getting rid of LPN’s but are there still lots of job in nursing homes in this economy still??

licensed pratical nurse (lpn) school in new york city?

hello people, i am a 20 years old man and i would to know if they have some private school in nyc who give lpn (license pratical nurse) programs ? also i would to know how months it would take me to complete the lpn (licensed pratical nurse) programs and last do u think it’s […]

Licensed Practical Nursing Program in VA?

I would like to be an LPN, but I can’t move for at least a year. I live in Albemarle (Charlottesville) Virginia. Does anyone know of an LPN program I could apply to that is around there?