17 and would like to be a nurse?

Hi I am 17 yrs old I have my HS Diploma and would love to become a nurse. I have no degree and no college credits at the moment. I was wondering if there were online schools that would let me become a nurse. I havent been able to find any because all the programs […]

Does this seem like a good plan, while in the military?

Im joining as a 42A MOS ( to gain skills dealing with women in a stressful period). Ill be doing this for 4 1/2 years. While serving i will complete my Associates in General Studies. When i get out the military at age 24/25, Im going to take the admission test to the nursing program […]

I Would Like To Find A School Of Nursing To Be An Lpn, Not An Rn?

BowlingGreen,Kentucky area, or Danville Kentucky areas only

Any LPN’s out there that can tell me what your nursing classes were like?

I hear RN nursing school is VERY demanding, they try to break you down, you spend from 8am-7pm everyday in class, clinicals and you feel like you want to give up because its so challenging. However, I am on a long waiting list for RN school, so I have enrolled myself in LPN school in […]

Hello I Would Like To Know If The Lpn Program At The University Of The District Of Columbia(udc) Is Accredited?

I am trying to take the LPN training at UDC, but I have heard people said that it’s not accredited. I am scared because I don’t want to waste my time and money to take it and then I can’t get hired. Can anyone gives me some advice please? Is it Accredited or not? If […]

Does it sound like i got army good game plan?

Im going to serve in the army for 4 1/2 years as 42A just to give me the experience to work with women in a stressful work area. While im serving im going to obtain my degree in General studies. After im done serving i am going to take the Nursing Admission test so i […]

I would like to be a Registerd Nurse?

I just graduated and would like to find a school that will allow me to become a Registered Nurse instead of first becoming an LPN then going to RN. I was just wondering if that is possible and if anybody can help me find schools in my area that offer a program like that? I […]