How do i I get a student loan to finance my study of LPN?

Me and my family will be ariving in th US as immigrants hopefully by early next year.I am considering studying LPN which is about ,000 to ,000 tops to finish the full 15 months course. I don’t have the fund needed to supoport my study yet, Am I qualified for any possible student loans?as my […]

I Have 90k Worth Of Nursing School Loans Consolidated Thru Sallie Mae Is There Any Way For Loan Forgivness?

There are several programs that can help the loan forgiveness or help lower the amount. Some hospitals or organizations offer a bonus if you work for them for a certain period of time for those in the nursing profession due to the shortage. Americorps, Peace Corps, and Volunteers in Service to America VISTA) have programs […]

Anyone have experiences with Nursing Loan Forgiveness?

I recently graduated with my ASN in May of ’06. Took my boards and passed in July ’06. Now that I’m starting to repay back my almost 40k in student loans, Im wondering if anyone has ever tried to apply for Nursing Loan Forgiveness and what kind of experiences they’ve had? Being 22 with k […]

How much can you take out for student loan?

I just filled out the FAFSA and my EFC is 3333. I think I might need student loans to start nursing school in Fall 2009. I am married with 2 kids. I heard that some people take out extra for living expenses such as daycare and such. I will need more money for daycare, books […]

I want to go to college…how do I get a student loan and other info?

I’m 39. When I was 26 I went to nursing school on a Pell grant but dropped out. Now I want to go back to school. Do they do credit checks for student loans or can anybody get one? What other options would I have. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t qualify for a Pell grant […]

What is the average amount of student loan debt that people have after their BA degree?

I know that not everyone takes out a loan for school but I just need an estimate number. I feel overwhelmed and stress out because I’m going to Nursing school and will have 28,000 in debt over my head after I graduate. I’m really really stressed! I do have a job lined up after I […]

I am a 27 year old single mom, afraid of student loan debt. Well paying job where I only need an AA?

I have some college credit already that are only gen ed’s. I need something that is lucrative so that I can have good earning potential, but I am scared to death of student loan debt so if I can avoid having to later earn a 4 year degree and still earn good money it would […]