Can I have a student loan for two seperate schools?

I really want to go into cosmetology but my mother and father wants me to go into some thing more “promising” so ive considered nursing. I want to know is it possible for me 2 take out a student loan for 2 diffrent schools at one time? Ive talked with a counsler. i can enter […]

advice for somebody getting their first student loan?

I am new to being a freshly financially independent person. I am in nursing school and need a student loan for the next couple terms. What are the steps/process in getting a student loan. What do I need to know? Any tips/advice/information is appreciated.

what happens if a registered nurse defaults on a student loan?

Has anyone tried to get a student loan with a foreclosure on your credit history?

I’m one of those folks that had their house foreclosed on. Now I’m trying to become a nurse but in order for me to do that, I’ll need to have a student loan that not only covers my tuition but my room and board. Has anyone else been in this situation and if so, what […]

Is it possible to obtain more then one student loan?

I have heard that you cant have a student loan two different schools. Im in the process of finishing my enrollment for a community college to get my associates degree so i can then go on to nursing school. I plan on getting student loans to pay off the community college (Ill worry about nursing […]

When you get a student loan, is it enought to live off of, or just schooling purposes?

I was wondering because I want to go to nursing school, I doubt i would have a chance to get a job besides full time school?

Is that possible to get student loan as an international student?

any type of scholarship, financial aid for registered nursing student