I am looking for a sponsor so that I can go to Nursing School?? I am maxed on student loans! Can anyone help?

I already have 3 degrees. AS in Radiology-BS in Comp Info Systems and an MBA-so with changing fields I am not able to get any more student loans.

Are there any student loans for nursing you don’t have to pay back?

I heard that if you are willing to work in a critical shortage area for a couple of years that your nursing student loans would be forgiven. Is this true? Also, are there any scholorships for nursing (Associates Degree) that can be awarded to people that are from out of state? I will be moving […]

What is that average amount of student loans people have?

I am a sophomore in college and currently I will have to pay back 9, 125 dollars. Is that more than what most people pay back. I am a nursing student and I heard that when I start clinicals that the school would pay my loans off or something. Is this true.

What is the best way to pay for nursing school with student loans?

any tutition programs

Can you get 2 student loans for 2 different schools?

I am currently going to school and will start my bachelors in March for Global Business, nd now I have decided to also go for my Bachelors in Nursing. I’m not in any default, but I would have to get another loan for the Nursing degree. Another question is that my associates degree is in […]

will my nursing degree in KY pay my student loans?

i heard that if you get a nursing degree in KY and then work in KY as a nurse for 5 years, then there is a program that will pay your student loans back, 20% a year for 5 years. is this true, and if so how do i apply?

Can someone tell me where to get legitamate student loans for nurses?