How Much Do Lpn’s Get Paid In The State Of Maryland Starting Off?

im still in high school and i’m intrested in being an lpn after i graduate. I would like to go for my RN but i’m a little intimidated because of what I heard nursing programs are so hard to get into in the state of maryland.

How much do LPNs make in the Chicagoland area, where are the jobs and what does the job itself consist of?

I’m thinking of changing careers from corporate to something in the medical field. Would like to go to nursing school but can’t even get in until at least fall of ’09 or Winter of ’10. Meanwhile, I thought I can get my LPN license and work while waiting to get into nursing school. Is this […]

Do you believe RNs should get the same salary as LPNs?

In December of 2003, I started working as an LPN (staff nurse) for a retirement center. In 2007, I received my RN and continued to work at the same retirement center. I was given a .00 increase in pay, going from LPN to RN status. I complained about the poor increased in pay and the […]

Are ther any vocational schools for LPN`s in illinois?

Hi does anyone no of any vocational schools for lpn`s that are in illinois. I live in peoria but am willing to move if i can find a program that will let me actually finish in 12 mths or less.

What is the demand for lpn’s and crna’s in Alaska?

I am planning on moving to Anchorage int he next few years, after I finish my schooling. Alaska has no CRNA program, so I won’t be able to move until after that’s complete. I can’t find job listings for CRNA’s in Alaska. Do they use them? What’s the demand for them and what’s the average […]

How Much Money Do Lpn’s Make In Minnesota?

Just wondering. Everytime I go to some stupid little website to look at wages it just takes me other places .

Any LPN’s out there that can tell me what your nursing classes were like?

I hear RN nursing school is VERY demanding, they try to break you down, you spend from 8am-7pm everyday in class, clinicals and you feel like you want to give up because its so challenging. However, I am on a long waiting list for RN school, so I have enrolled myself in LPN school in […]