Medical Assistants vs LPN?

I would really like to do LPN work, but I have to take prerequisite classes, and my husband doesn’t make that much for me to take the time to do that right now, I need a job quicker; plus my friends have looked into the wait period for the LPN program at our college, and […]

What Is Iowa’s Requirements For Duty To Act For Trained Medical Staff?

I want to know what is Iowa’s requirement for Duty to Act for trained medical staff? Examples: Trained Staff, EMTs, LPN Nurse, RN Nurse, Doctors… and so on? And what are the penalties if caught not assisting at a scene?

What is the difference between an LPN(licensed practical nurse) a medical assistant & a RN(registered nurse)?

An LPN is lower than an RN do almost everything an RN except do assesments and supervisory work. Where does a medical assistant fit in the scheme of things?

Best state for medical jobs?

Coming out of nursing school they tell you jobs in health care will always be in demand. Well here in Virginia it is not. [See article:] So we are just not making enough money at my current job here. I am a LPN now but still studying to be a RN by the end […]

Republicans and Conservatives, how does blocking student loan funding for Medical and Nursing students?

constitute “health-care reform that works”? Last week the House of Representatives passed a vote that would make student loan funding for Medical and Nursing students discretionary – allowing members of the House of Representatives to block said funding and leave Medical and Nursing students in the United States without access to student loans. Requiring Medical […]

Should I Transfer From My Medical Assistant Degree To An Lpn Program?

I have one year left before i graduated with my degree in Medical assistant. My true dream is to become a nurse and I want to transfer to a community college to start my career in Lpn , it is a 49 credit certificate THE DILEMMA if I transfer and take the pre clinical and […]

Could someone please give me advice about choosing a medical career? (LPN/RN/MA/other)?

I’m stuck. I want to get involved in a medical career, but I’m having trouble weighing the ups and downs of each. I’m at the college application stage. I would like to go to school for no more than 3 years for whatever I choose. I think I would love working as an RN, but […]