Medical Assistants vs LPN?

I would really like to do LPN work, but I have to take prerequisite classes, and my husband doesn’t make that much for me to take the time to do that right now, I need a job quicker; plus my friends have looked into the wait period for the LPN program at our college, and […]

Could someone please give me advice about choosing a medical career? (LPN/RN/MA/other)?

I’m stuck. I want to get involved in a medical career, but I’m having trouble weighing the ups and downs of each. I’m at the college application stage. I would like to go to school for no more than 3 years for whatever I choose. I think I would love working as an RN, but […]

Medical Assistant Salary VS L.P.N Salary?

Any medical assistants or lpns that can share their salary, I’m trying to decide which direction to go in. Ultimately I want to become a nurse but I want to have a med assistant certificate/lpn certificate first. I don’t want links just a general average of how much the MA’s and LPN’s make. Thank You

I Want To Start A Career in Medical but what would be best to just get my foot in the door and be easy for me?

im 18 years old a female and i really want to take care of the Elderly and there are NAC training classes and RN etc. but what do those all even Stand For i know some of them but not all of them? like for example NAC < RN, LPN etc etc. there are a […]

Can You Become A Lpn With Experience As A Being Medical Services In The Air Force?

If not, how hard is it to become one?? The AFSC is 4N0X1.

What does a military Medical Technican need to do to obtain a LPN certification?

Basically, I’ve been in the USAF for over 2 years and i’m a certified EMT-B. I have about 50 or so credits towards an associates of applied science degree and is now starting to look toward something more fulfilling for a career on the outside. My goal is to reach RN with a BSN but […]

LPN, Practical Nursing, Or Medical Assistant?

I want to work in a doctors office checking blood pressure, giving shots, etc.. Which of these would I need to take in college? I don’t understand the difference of these three courses. Could you please explain to me the differences. I was also interested in working in the nursery where the babies are kept […]