Where do LVN/LPN’s work most?

If you are a Licensed Vocational/Practical Nurse….what places are available to work at? All the adds for nurses in the hospitals in my town are for RN’s only.

Nurses (RN or LPN): Where do you make the most money working at?

Hospital, private practice, nursing home…etc.? I’m getting ready to start nursing school and I am looking ahead for career options. While I want to do what interests me, I would also like to see where I can make the most money at. Thanks!

Lpn to Rn program…What is the most affordable way to do this??? Help?

Where do most LPN’s work?

I know they can work at hospitals, nursing homes, home health agency, and physicians offices(i think), but where do most work, like 90%? Thanks!

Anyone know of open entry, 1-2 yr nursing programs for LPN, LVN or ADN’s & which schools enroll the most?

I’m about 2 semesters out and even when I finish the prereqs in May of next year, (4 months ahead of the fall semester start date) I’ll have missed the fall deadline b/c it’s in the middle of March (of all times) and don’t really want to wait till Nov. for a program that starts […]

I Am Looking For The Quickest And Most Economical Way To Become An Lpn/rn In Chicago/illinois Any Suggestions?

economical i understand but the quickest isn’t necessarily the best. you want to come out of school knowing something and being able to perform without potentially killing somebody. Georgia has a wonderful hope scholarship that paid for my education but not all states offer such a program. check into financial aid and grants.

Which Health Care Career pays most, License practice nurse or Occupational therapy assistant?

Occupational therapy assistant(OTA) and license practice nurse(LPN) are my two choices, but which one pays the most??? I know LPN is easy but OTA is fine as long as I am happy to get a career. I am in College and choosing between OTA and LPN(They are my dual major!!!)