How Much Does An Lpn Make A Year In Southeastern Kentucky?

I am looking to earn a degree in Nursing and I am thinking about LPN….

How Much Do Lpn’s Get Paid In Georgia?

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How Much Do Lpn Make In Oklahoma?

I am planning on going to school….I have to wait till next year because I am saving so I dont have to take out a loan just to go to school…I looked up one school and it says about 12-18 months for the program…does that sound right? I have never worked in the medical field […]

How Much Does In Lpn Make In Kansas City?

how much does lpn make in kansas city missouri?

How much can you take out for student loan?

I just filled out the FAFSA and my EFC is 3333. I think I might need student loans to start nursing school in Fall 2009. I am married with 2 kids. I heard that some people take out extra for living expenses such as daycare and such. I will need more money for daycare, books […]

How Much Do Lpn’s Get Paid In The State Of Maryland Starting Off?

im still in high school and i’m intrested in being an lpn after i graduate. I would like to go for my RN but i’m a little intimidated because of what I heard nursing programs are so hard to get into in the state of maryland.

How much do LPNs make in the Chicagoland area, where are the jobs and what does the job itself consist of?

I’m thinking of changing careers from corporate to something in the medical field. Would like to go to nursing school but can’t even get in until at least fall of ’09 or Winter of ’10. Meanwhile, I thought I can get my LPN license and work while waiting to get into nursing school. Is this […]