im thinking about pursuing nursing and i would like to know what part of nursing you like…..i want to be a rn and get my bsn but could i get my 4 year bacholer degree all at once or do u recommend me get my 2 year degree, work as a lpn and go back […]

I’m a single mother and need some career training…?

I’m a single mother who wants to have a job that can be done during school hours. Which of these would you suggest doing and why? I would be attending a community college for the first 4 and a for-profit school for the last. I am already a CNA. Some people have suggest nursing or […]

My nursing license was suspended for 5 years, do I need a lawyer when going for reinstatement next year?

7 years ago I was prescribed a narcotic pain medication for severe migrains. At the time I was in my last year of nursing school (LPN certification). I was awarded almost a full scholarship to the LPN program, purely based on my grade point average. I graduated top of my class, and was given 3 […]

I Need To Know …what Vocational/trade Schools Offer Lpn/lvn In Washington State?

But not expensive ones =/.or it could even be like an adult school type of a thing…please im having a hard time finding some ….and im going to be living like in the north part of washington STATE. thanks =]

I have 2 options and need help choosing!?

I am going to be going to school for Nursing a seminole CC in Florida. However, we are currently living in MN where my boyfriend is going to school for non-destructive testing. So we will be back in FL (where we are from) in about a year. I will apply to the nursing program prior […]

What to do? I need work. BSN to CNA, LVN, LPN?

Im BSN grad and caregiver graduate. Not registered nurse yet. Do i need to take classes, tests or exams so i could work as CNA/LVN/LPN/HCA abroad ?

What does a military Medical Technican need to do to obtain a LPN certification?

Basically, I’ve been in the USAF for over 2 years and i’m a certified EMT-B. I have about 50 or so credits towards an associates of applied science degree and is now starting to look toward something more fulfilling for a career on the outside. My goal is to reach RN with a BSN but […]