Anyone A Nurse In New Jersey?

I am asking about local hospitals, Kennedy Health System, Virtua Hospital, Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center, etc. Do you work there, or do you know anyone who works there? How much do these employers pay? Their websites tell you to come in for an interview, I just want to know up front. CNA’s LPN’s […]

I’m Thinking about going to school to be a nurse..?

I’ve been thinking about going to school to be a nurse and I was curious as to how I should go about it and what schools I should look into. (I live in Oregon) I’m also thinking about getting my LPN and working as an LPN while I go to school to be an RN. […]

Northeast Ohio Lpn Nurse Job That Offers 12hr Shifts?

Most nursing homes in NE Ohio hire LPNs. I’d go and search some near your area – if they know you are interested in 12 hr shifts, they may offer you that.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, i would like to become a nurse now (RN)?

I been looking online for any schools that would offer the RN program or even LPN but i haven’t been lucky, can anyone let me know if there’s any online schools, or if there’s any special program for people with a degree that i want to become an RN. Thanks! I live in Florida and […]

What Is It Like To Be A Nurse, Like Cna, Or Lpn/rn?

Im planning on going to school in the spring for lpn after i get my cna and i was wondering what its really like. What exactly do you do or are responsible for? Describe a typical day as a lpn or rn?

Should i study cisco cnna or License practical nurse LPN?

Your opinion please. I am considering studying cisco ccna or Licensed practical nurse LPN. Which one should i study? Thanks

What does an License Practical Nurse do? Do you enjoy it?

I just spent (more like WASTED) 18 months of my life at a private college ( please dont ever do!) for an AAS degree in Dental Assisting. During my externships I realized how awful the dentists were in private practices. They were all money hungry and thought they were God. In one office the dentist […]