For nursing school, is it okay to use student loans through it all?

For the whole duration of nursing school to get your RN, is it okay to use student loans throughout the way? i dont think i will have time and energy to work. i want to put my all into my nursing program, being a nurse is my dream. how much will it add up to, […]

Does anyone know any nursing (LPN or RN) programs offered in Northeastern Ohio?

Please help!!! Thank you!!!

Was It Hard For You To Get Into Practical Nursing (lpn) School?

The amount of difficulty differs from state to state. Having said that, it is not easy in any state. They all have, as well as I know, entrance exams and you must come within a certain percentile. I went to nursing school many years ago but I would think things have not changed. If you […]

I Have A Wisconsin Lpn Nursing License I Moved To North Carolina Can I Still Use My Wisconsin Nursing License?

Yes, Wisconsin is a compact state and so is North Carolina. Compact states recognizes nursing licenses from other states, and you don’t have to apply for a license in a compact state. Provided your license does not have any restrictions or disciplinary actions, it is valid in NC.


im thinking about pursuing nursing and i would like to know what part of nursing you like…..i want to be a rn and get my bsn but could i get my 4 year bacholer degree all at once or do u recommend me get my 2 year degree, work as a lpn and go back […]

Licensed Practical Nursing Program in VA?

I would like to be an LPN, but I can’t move for at least a year. I live in Albemarle (Charlottesville) Virginia. Does anyone know of an LPN program I could apply to that is around there?

What is the best career choice, Nursing or Ultrasound?

I am torn on what to do. I kind of want to be a Physician Assistant, but I need to get a degree first. So Im taking it one step at a time. I have 2 babies, so it would be difficult to do anything drastic like go to school 5 years straight to be […]