Help I Just started my first lpn job at a nursing home?

I have been in er as a emt for 7 years. I have 34 patients at the nursing home. It that normal? I hate it. It is extremely overwhelming. I am thinking about quiting lpn job and I go back to rn school in summer. What shall I do? I paid 29 thousand to be […]

how hard is the NET nursing entrance test??

I want to become an LPN this is the test I have to take to get accepted. How hard is it? Any advices what are the things that I really need to know specially math. thanks and online, where can I FIND some examples of the test?

Nursing School…can anyone give me information?

my husband is deploying and i plan on going to an online school so i can have a full time job also. When he gets home we are moving and i will have to transfer credits, which degree would be the easiest to do this in. and also, if i am taking courses for a […]

Does Anyone Know If Onlines Courses For Nursing (rn) Are Still Acceptable In Maryland?

I am currently an LPN looking for options to progress to my RN by taking online classes because I have to continue working at the same time and don’t have the time to sit in a classroom all week. I live in Towson, Md. and I am new to the area. Please help! I do […]

Which Degree is better option for Staring career in nursing? suggest me from RN or LPN degree…?

Lpn Program Or Bsn In Nursing?

i found a LPN program in new jersey, its 11 months and it will cost me about $22,000. should i take it or should i go on a campus for my BSN in nursing ? the thing is in a year i should be able to take car eof myself because my mother is moving […]

Need GPA score for LVN/LPN to Assosiate Degree in nursing online?

Grad 1977 Whaton Co. Jr. Collge of Vocational nursing. The old school in Wharton, Tx. Last name Nutt. Would like to know how to replace my school pin and get photo of clas of 77