Need Help From RNs and LPNs Please!! Online Interview for Comp class….?

I am writing paper for Compostion II about writing and how it is involved in the profession I am entering, which is nursing. If you are an RN or LPN, could you please answer the following questions and email them to me. Thank you!! Q- What kind of writing do you do on a […]

Need GPA score for LVN/LPN to Assosiate Degree in nursing online?

Grad 1977 Whaton Co. Jr. Collge of Vocational nursing. The old school in Wharton, Tx. Last name Nutt. Would like to know how to replace my school pin and get photo of clas of 77

Paramedic/LPN courses OnLine?

I have the very best previous training in the world. US Navy 30 yrs., Hospital Corps (IDC),Registered Medical Assistant at present. I’m 68 yrs., at the same time I want to return to gainful employment in any capacity attributed to my experience. And I feel the above professions are the best way. Please…your best info!!!! […]

Where can I take an online LPN to RN degree program ?

I want to advance my nursing career and income potential. Thanks.

Any ideas for online nursing schools??

Anyone know of any online nursing schools for LPN or RN.. either bachelors or associates or just RN or LPN certifications. Its been a hell of a time trying to find a school to get into… Alot of the nursing schools of waiting lists of about 2 years. Please help !!!

online degree often accepted when applying for RN?

my plan is to enlist in the united states air force and get a BSN via online through the university of phoenix, i have heard that most hospitals and clinics only hire graduates from an actual university, rather then those that achieve a BSN through online (without LPN or LVN licensing, just straight going into […]

can anyone give me their input about online nursing from LPN to RN such as rue, excelsior and college network.

or is there another online nursing program i may check out. please tell me all about these colleges that you know. thank you. please also tell me the cost if you know. thanks so much.