Going to Herzing Business College for a 1 yr program?

I live in Wisconsin. I am not interested at all in obtaining a RN. However.. I read that some Herzing graduates have filed a law suit because they expected the school to become accredited prior to them graduating. Some claimed..that certain hospitals would not hire them.. because of the school they attended. But.. they were […]

Im planning on taking LPN (licensed practical nurse) course online. opinion anyone?

has anyone here tried this course online? how do u fair? how long did u take it and what website do u recommend? PS – i live in Delaware

Planning on pursuing a nursing career, Im 9mos pregnant & a mother of a 2yr old…I need advice.?

Hi everyone…Im 23yrs old & currently 9mos pregnant and I also have a 2yr old daughter…Im a single mother and I just enrolled for the 1st time in college to pursue a degree in nursing to become a LPN then an RN…Im so scared of failing, or getting into a career that I hate…this is […]

Planning on going to nursing can someone help plz?

I am gonna get my cma this fall followed by pre nursing classes then lpn school. Do you have to take a different class to do iv’s and transfuse blood? And any advice on the best way to get through it. I have a learning disability and it makes it harder to learn.

i’m planning to go back to school i need to take an entrance exam where can i go online to study to take it .?

hey i am going back to school next year and im very excited i have been dancing around the whole idea of going back and saying i don’t have the money. but after one dead end job after another and doing my managers jobs on top of my own job and not getting paid extra […]