Could someone please give me advice about choosing a medical career? (LPN/RN/MA/other)?

I’m stuck. I want to get involved in a medical career, but I’m having trouble weighing the ups and downs of each. I’m at the college application stage. I would like to go to school for no more than 3 years for whatever I choose. I think I would love working as an RN, but […]

please help. i can not find a college in new york,long island for an RN degree only. all i can find is LPN to

RN. isnt there a school out there just for RN ? can someone please help me….

What career I can work in based on my stats?

I am a middle aged grandmother…and I have some health problems that make it virtually impossible to work outside of my home. (But if you have any ideas – please assist) Are there any careers that I could do at home preferably in the medical field? My dream was always to be a nurse but […]

I need a HUGE favor from anyone… Please Help me?

I need to know how many pages this paper is. My Microsoft word is not working, so I am typing it in my email. It needs to be double spaced, font size 12, times, Thank you!! When researching or updating your knowledge on the profession of nursing, The Office of Profession website is a helpful […]

I Need Help Finding A College Online Helping Me Go From Pn To Rn. Help Please!?

I completed the PN program and wanted to transfer to an online course.

Ok, So A Little Bit Of Advice For A High School Senior Please?

OK, well i’m 17 and at the point in my life when I have to figure out what I want to do with my life. I’m technically a senior high school, but I’m dual-enrolling full time at the community college (been homeschooled since Kindergarten, dual-enrolled since the 10th grade). I’m working on my 2 year […]

serious answers please?

i got my cna licence in texas this year. i am planing on going back next semester for lvn/lpn. i want to know how hard is the entrance exam? which section is the worst?what kind of questions is in the science,math section?and what about the lvn program? please i want to know cuz i don’t […]