I am searching for an lpn nursing position, can you give me any leads? IM IN MISHAWAKA IN?

im currently working in an assisted living facility, and am seeking options in change of employment

Is it legal ….. question about nursing position from cna to lpn?

My friend has been working with a nursing home for 5 yrs as a CNA. she now completed her lpn and recive her lpn license. BUt her workplace refuse to employ her in a lpn position and has her still working as a CNA for a month now. She has applied for other places for […]

What kind of hotel jobs can I apply for as a starter position?

I’m currently studying to become a licensed practical nurse and would like to get a full time job in hotels for now. What are hotel positions that are easier to apply for? I’m just looking for a full time job at hotels that’s temp until I graduate from my LPN program. I’m a 26 years […]

I Graduated In 96 From Nursing School Lpn Recently Was Laid Off Finance Position I Held For 10 + Any Ideas?

You have job security as an LPN, you do not have job security in any finance position. Your job is meeting people and you are on your feet and walking most of your shift. You get lots of exercise and human interface on a constant basis. There is greater demand then ever in the nursing […]