I’m Searching For Job Listings In Newport And/or Searcy, Arkansas That Need Licensed Practical Nurses?

It doesn’t matter whether it is a hospital, nursing home, or doctor’s offfice.

Should i study cisco cnna or License practical nurse LPN?

Your opinion please. I am considering studying cisco ccna or Licensed practical nurse LPN. Which one should i study? Thanks

What does an License Practical Nurse do? Do you enjoy it?

I just spent (more like WASTED) 18 months of my life at a private college ( please dont ever do!) for an AAS degree in Dental Assisting. During my externships I realized how awful the dentists were in private practices. They were all money hungry and thought they were God. In one office the dentist […]

What is the difference between an LPN(licensed practical nurse) a medical assistant & a RN(registered nurse)?

An LPN is lower than an RN do almost everything an RN except do assesments and supervisory work. Where does a medical assistant fit in the scheme of things?

Ways I can earn a nursing or licensing practical nursing degree quickly?

What schools have the least amount of years to become an RN (registered nurse) or a LPN (licensed practical nurse) and are accredited and degrees accepted by most employers? Is there any test I can take and pay for and if I pass could recieve my license instead of going through the course? 9 months […]

what do you call an LPN (licensed practical nurse) with a Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) ?

What is the base salary for licensed practical nurses?

I’m thinking about going to LPN school in Jax, Florida. I’m just curious what type of salary to expect afterwards. Thanks!