Was It Hard For You To Get Into Practical Nursing (lpn) School?

The amount of difficulty differs from state to state. Having said that, it is not easy in any state. They all have, as well as I know, entrance exams and you must come within a certain percentile. I went to nursing school many years ago but I would think things have not changed. If you […]

Licensed Practical Nursing Program in VA?

I would like to be an LPN, but I can’t move for at least a year. I live in Albemarle (Charlottesville) Virginia. Does anyone know of an LPN program I could apply to that is around there?

Can I Live A Comfortable Lifestyle On A Licensed Practical Nurse Salary?

im currently in indianapolis, in. but after im done with school, i plan on moving to either florida or california…im not sure which one to move to and im not even sure if i will be making enough to live in either of these places.

Is it hard to get a LPN (licensed practical nurse) job right now?

I don’t care where I work…I know the hospitals are getting rid of LPN’s but are there still lots of job in nursing homes in this economy still??

Pros and cons for becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or a Dental Hygienist? Best Career path?? ?

Somebody help!!

what exactly does a licensed practical nurse(LPN) do?

what can they not do that an RN do?

LPN, Practical Nursing, Or Medical Assistant?

I want to work in a doctors office checking blood pressure, giving shots, etc.. Which of these would I need to take in college? I don’t understand the difference of these three courses. Could you please explain to me the differences. I was also interested in working in the nursery where the babies are kept […]