Lpn program that start in january or spring semester in new york?

Is there any place in new york that has an lpn program starting in the spring semeester or close to janurary

Licensed Practical Nursing Program in VA?

I would like to be an LPN, but I can’t move for at least a year. I live in Albemarle (Charlottesville) Virginia. Does anyone know of an LPN program I could apply to that is around there?

Does anyone know anything about Excelsior’s LPN to RN program?

Hey Everybody…here’s my story in a nutshell… I failed out of my RN program two weeks before graduating and instead ended up sitting for my lpn board. I am now an LPN in LTC and am looking into going to Excelsior. I can’t seem to find the answer to this question without paying a application […]

I have an interview next week to see if I will be accepted into the LPN nursing program, can you give me any?

Could I get financial aid for lpn and rn program?

I was thinking if i do the lpn program. I know I will get financial aid for it. But after im done with the lpn. I want to do the rn bridge. But since i would already have a lpn license. Im not sure if financial aid will pay for that too. Im planning on […]

Nursing program or conventionial college?

I am looking into nursing school, what is the better course of study? I can attend a 1 year LPN program finish that and work as an LPN, as I attend an LPN to RN program. Or is it better to attend a conventional 4 year college and major in nursing? What are the pros […]

LPN to RN bridge program then to NP nursing?

lets say a person starts off with vocational LPN class then takes a bridge program to become RN, what is the best way to continue to NP considering that they haven’t been to college yet? Correct me if I’m wrong about the college part.