question on work as a LPN?

i have a problem. I was a CNA 9 years ago. I worked at a nursing home at the time and used a phone from a resident without permmision. They put a flag on my certifi. and it shows up theft on my CNA record. they told me that I would never get it off […]

home health aides for children (reworded question)?

when i first asked this question-i couldn’t remember the right termanology! family not eligible for SSI (income probably twice the limit) is eligible fro medicaid currently paying a care provider privately–who they have trained to meet the childrens needs (self care including medication) they do not need nursing care (RN, LPN)– they basically need PCAs/ […]

Student loans question – if I get a student loan and don’t get accepted into a nursing program …?

but continue to go to school at least part-time while reapplying… would I be able to postpone having to pay it back until I’m done with my bachelors degree or nursing degree??? I will be applying for a nursing program in a year. I am trying to determine whether or not I would have to […]

Have a question about Nursing Degrees!?

I am trying to figure out If you can just get you RN degree or do you have to start with LPN degree first and then go for RN? I am a single parent so I will be doing this online. So if anyone could help me with this that would be great! Just kind […]

RN question – in what order can i do this?

i am a LPN (since 2003) i want to get my RN. since community college is much more affordable, i am thinking of taking my pre-reqs there. (i know i will have to take extra since i graduated high school in 1999) but I want to get a BSN, do i apply for the nursing […]

A question about blood preasure?

ok normally i wouldn’t ask online but this is got me stumped that or i don’t wanna face the truth to the point i’m blinding myself. Yesterday my blood pressure jumped up to 200 over 130 at work my charge nurse the LPN on duty took it told me i may want to go home […]

I have a question about my years in service and re-enlisting

I am serving as a medic in the army. But I have my LPN license, Army trained by the way. When I signed my last contract I did not realise that my skill identifier was dropped off, but I had to sign a contract anyway, so Idoubt it would have changed anything if I did […]