Question for any CNA’S, LPN’S, or RN’S working in a nursing home?

So I recently got offered a cna positon and I was offered a day position at a .4 schedule. I used to work at a different facility over a year and a half ago, and I was full-time and it was considered a 1.0 schedule. I know that meant 10 workdays every 2 weeks. I […]

question for nurses…I am a student nurse…?

I am 18 years old and just started my first semester of LPN training. I am pretty sure i want to be a nurse and this is the right career for me but i am very worried about the “dirty nursing” part…such as catheters and suppositories…and feces and vomiting. after awhile u get used to […]

Question about an LPN and College…?

When you go to college to learn to be an LPN. (licensed practical nurse) As part of that course, would you have to give a bath(s) to the opposite sex?

question on work as a LPN?

i have a problem. I was a CNA 9 years ago. I worked at a nursing home at the time and used a phone from a resident without permmision. They put a flag on my certifi. and it shows up theft on my CNA record. they told me that I would never get it off […]

home health aides for children (reworded question)?

when i first asked this question-i couldn’t remember the right termanology! family not eligible for SSI (income probably twice the limit) is eligible fro medicaid currently paying a care provider privately–who they have trained to meet the childrens needs (self care including medication) they do not need nursing care (RN, LPN)– they basically need PCAs/ […]

Student loans question – if I get a student loan and don’t get accepted into a nursing program …?

but continue to go to school at least part-time while reapplying… would I be able to postpone having to pay it back until I’m done with my bachelors degree or nursing degree??? I will be applying for a nursing program in a year. I am trying to determine whether or not I would have to […]

Have a question about Nursing Degrees!?

I am trying to figure out If you can just get you RN degree or do you have to start with LPN degree first and then go for RN? I am a single parent so I will be doing this online. So if anyone could help me with this that would be great! Just kind […]