Question About The Navy Reserve?

I am going into the navy reserves as a e-3 thanks to ROTC. I am signing a 6 year contract for MA. I know that it is difficult to go to C school right after A school but do you need to normally be a E-5 before going to C school? Also while in the […]

Can my recruiter search nationwide reserve vacancies?

I am prior service AF with a degree but I really want to become a 68WM6 in the Army. I know the guard does not offer it and it is really hard to get an active duty slot on my first enlistment, but I have heard that some reserve units have openings. I would be […]

Anyone know of any army reserve units around Fairbanks, AK?

I’m moving to Fairbanks in a few months with my fiancee (active duty) and need to find a reserve unit out there that I can transfer too. I’m a 68WM6 (LPN-Nurse) and the only other units I found didn’t train my MOS. Where do I go from here? If anyone has ANY advice that’d be […]

I Am A Army Reserve Medic In Florida. I Just Recently Finished Lpn School. How Do I Add It To My Mos?

I am a Army reserve medic in Florida. I just recently finished LPN school. How do I add it to my MOS? Does any one know how I can add LPN to my 68w MOS to become a 68wM6? LPN and LVN are the same thing. Most states use the term LPN only two use […]