Can I have a student loan for two seperate schools?

I really want to go into cosmetology but my mother and father wants me to go into some thing more “promising” so ive considered nursing. I want to know is it possible for me 2 take out a student loan for 2 diffrent schools at one time? Ive talked with a counsler. i can enter […]

Are There Any Lpn Schools In Connecticut?

go to goggle then type in LPN schools in Connecticut

Nursing schools in and around the Orlando, FL area.?

My fiancee is currently enrolled in Keiser University here in South Florida. She is seeking their degree, Associate of Science in Nursing, which will allow her to sit for the state exam to receive her RN designation. We are fed-up with the rat race of South Florida and we are moving to the outskirts of […]

I Need To Know …what Vocational/trade Schools Offer Lpn/lvn In Washington State?

But not expensive ones =/.or it could even be like an adult school type of a thing…please im having a hard time finding some ….and im going to be living like in the north part of washington STATE. thanks =]

I am looking for community colleges, nursing schools, or University’s with RN or LPN programs near Tampa?

Any ideas for online nursing schools??

Anyone know of any online nursing schools for LPN or RN.. either bachelors or associates or just RN or LPN certifications. Its been a hell of a time trying to find a school to get into… Alot of the nursing schools of waiting lists of about 2 years. Please help !!!

Can you get 2 student loans for 2 different schools?

I am currently going to school and will start my bachelors in March for Global Business, nd now I have decided to also go for my Bachelors in Nursing. I’m not in any default, but I would have to get another loan for the Nursing degree. Another question is that my associates degree is in […]