What is a smarter route to take, should I get my LPN to RN or go straight for my RN degree?

My ending goal is to be a L&D nurse. I’m 25 have 2 kids and I’m 5 months prego with my third (I know I might sound ambitious but this is a long term goal~ I’m hoping to get some advice on what RT I should take. Do I need my associates degree before I […]

What courses should i take to become a LPN?

Here is the school im wanting to go to get my LPN, i’m working on my CNA now ( im a jr in HS) i’m wanting to go to the Kansas Campus http://www.netech.edu/mod/resource/view.php?id=6756 ive also taken med term, med procedures, and i plan on taking anatomy, ab psych, and pathology next year ( senior year)

Should I go for LPN or RN at 47 years old?

I already have a BS in Management and some of my credits will be counted toward RN. However, at age 47 is it best to go for LPN or RN? My job will be eliminated soon and I am trying to plan for an alternative career. Always thought about being a nurse but life took […]

Should i study cisco cnna or License practical nurse LPN?

Your opinion please. I am considering studying cisco ccna or Licensed practical nurse LPN. Which one should i study? Thanks

Should I Quit College for LPN licensure?

Hello All! So I have a rough situation here. I’m currently attending online classes at Kapln University. Its almost time for me to graduate, within 6 months and sometimes I feel like I don’t even know the material. College has been a great experience but I’m second guessing my major. I used to go to […]

should he get out?

my husband is a electrician mate in the navy. he wants to end his svc (re-enlistment comes in Feb of ’08) he doesnt have a degree yet or his electrician certificate. he is about to go out on deployment starting may 18th and he wont return until Nov. I am afraid for him to get […]

What other jobs should I look into?

I am an LPN who has only worked in nursing home type settings. I am so burnt out with this kind of work and I want to do something else that is more specialized and different but not in a hospital. Any ideas on something different that I could do and still use my education?? […]