Which route should I go – (Nursing)?

Hi all. Long-time researching into the nursing field. I am prepared to make the leap. However, I need to figure out what programs to attend. My options are: > Certificate in Practical Nursing @ Carrington College (accredited) – ~,000 – 10 mo – then attend Boise State University for their LPN-RN program. PROS: start as […]

Do you believe RNs should get the same salary as LPNs?

In December of 2003, I started working as an LPN (staff nurse) for a retirement center. In 2007, I received my RN and continued to work at the same retirement center. I was given a .00 increase in pay, going from LPN to RN status. I complained about the poor increased in pay and the […]

should i go for the RN or BSN? What is the difference? HELP!?

i am really confused. I am a nursing student who will have completed my LVN/LPN associates in nursing and liberal arts in may of 2008. But I was planning on going on to get my RN, but then I am hearing about a BSN, so here is my question. SHould I bypass the RN and […]

Should I become a LPN ?

I’m thinking about becoming a LPN(license practical nurse). Is this a good field to go into?

Should I just transfer into an university right after my Associate degree or get my LPN first?

I’m currently a college student attending a community college and getting my Associate degree for Pre-nursing. I was wondering would it be best for me to just transfer into an university & get my bachelor degree or go get my LPN (license practitioner nurse) license & then go get my RN. I want to be […]

should i get a career in nursing or journalism/creative writing?

Okay, so I love creative writing, but I know there isn’t much for work in this field besides becoming a journalist, and the starting pay is pretty low. However, I heard of an LPN program in my area at a vocational school, and I heard Licenced Practical Nurses earn 15-20 dollars per hour. The idea […]

Where should I move??????

I want to move next year. Right now I’m in a practical nursing program so once I get licensed I can pretty much move anywhere. However, I want it to be warm and sunny and also I need to have a college nearby so I can do a bridge program for LPN to RN because […]