I Have A Lpn License In The State Of In. I Am Moving To Idaho What Do I Need To Do?

Will my license tranfer to Idaho or will I have to retake the test?

I Need To Know …what Vocational/trade Schools Offer Lpn/lvn In Washington State?

But not expensive ones =/.or it could even be like an adult school type of a thing…please im having a hard time finding some ….and im going to be living like in the north part of washington STATE. thanks =]

Best state for medical jobs?

Coming out of nursing school they tell you jobs in health care will always be in demand. Well here in Virginia it is not. [See article: http://allnurses.com/virginia-nurses/no-nursing-shortage-377709.html] So we are just not making enough money at my current job here. I am a LPN now but still studying to be a RN by the end […]

Can A Navy Hospital Corpsman (hmcm) Retired Challenge The Ohio State Board Of Nursing Lpn Examination?

I have recently graduated from Medical Assisting (900) hrs. What is the difference between MA and LPN? Independent duty Hospital Corpsman and Fleet Marine Force Field Medical Service Technician.

Transferring An Lpn License From State To State?

I live in Arkansas and am attending school to get my LPN license. At the end of the course I will have a total of 48 credit hours. My boyfriend and I were discussing moving back to my home state of Michigan, or possibly Indiana…Is there any quick reference online somewhere that tells how many […]

Is it really impossible to get into nursing school in Washington State?

I have my bachelor of science degree in psychology from Portland State University in Portland, OR. My gpa there was 3.98 and I am of asian/Hispanic descent. Now I want to get mt AA in nursing. My friend is telling me I’m never going to get in, much less be able to work for a […]

How Much Do Lpn’s Get Paid In The State Of Maryland Starting Off?

im still in high school and i’m intrested in being an lpn after i graduate. I would like to go for my RN but i’m a little intimidated because of what I heard nursing programs are so hard to get into in the state of maryland.