Should i study cisco cnna or License practical nurse LPN?

Your opinion please. I am considering studying cisco ccna or Licensed practical nurse LPN. Which one should i study? Thanks

What Is The Best Book To Study For The Lpn And Rn Nclex?

I just passed RN boards. The best book I can recommend to you is to buy Saunders Q & A.

How do i I get a student loan to finance my study of LPN?

Me and my family will be ariving in th US as immigrants hopefully by early next year.I am considering studying LPN which is about ,000 to ,000 tops to finish the full 15 months course. I don’t have the fund needed to supoport my study yet, Am I qualified for any possible student loans?as my […]

I’m In Nursing School And I’m Going To Take An Nclex-pn Exam. Is It Ok To Study From An Nclex-rn Book?

Or should I purchase an NCLEX-PN book? How NCLEX-PN differs from NCLEX-RN and how should I study for it?

How Long On Average Are You Supposed To Study For The Lpn Nclex?

im just not sure how much is enough but you can never be to prepared…also do you have to take a drug test at all because i’ve worked myself up into a panic attack over this test and a bowl would be really helpful in calming my nerves tonight

What books, study guides, or other material can I read to insure my enrollment into a college nursing program?

I can go through Vo-tech LPN program for one year and bridge to an RN Program at a college or I can make perfect grades going all the way through college bypassing LPN. If I focus my efforts towards this, I need all info I can get. I love the medical field anyway and I […]

i’m planning to go back to school i need to take an entrance exam where can i go online to study to take it .?

hey i am going back to school next year and im very excited i have been dancing around the whole idea of going back and saying i don’t have the money. but after one dead end job after another and doing my managers jobs on top of my own job and not getting paid extra […]