What is a smarter route to take, should I get my LPN to RN or go straight for my RN degree?

My ending goal is to be a L&D nurse. I’m 25 have 2 kids and I’m 5 months prego with my third (I know I might sound ambitious but this is a long term goal~ I’m hoping to get some advice on what RT I should take. Do I need my associates degree before I […]

How Long Does It Take To Complete Your Training To Become An Lpn?

I have been looking at some questions pertaining to LPN’s because I am considering going in that direction, Seems that people are mentioning the training taking up to one year…..but I have been seeing ads for classes in the paper for 6 weeks with a tuition of $1500 …..is that a scam?

What courses should i take to become a LPN?

Here is the school im wanting to go to get my LPN, i’m working on my CNA now ( im a jr in HS) i’m wanting to go to the Kansas Campus http://www.netech.edu/mod/resource/view.php?id=6756 ive also taken med term, med procedures, and i plan on taking anatomy, ab psych, and pathology next year ( senior year)

Can I take the LPN exam, if I fail the nursing program?

I am currently in a nursing program to become a registered nurse (associate degree program). However, second semester is really hard, and I am afraid I am not going to pass. Is it possible to take the LPN NCLEX exam, if I fail second semester of the nursing program? And how would I go about […]

SO I will be starting at Keiser for LPN program just got my books does anyone know if we take them all with us?

FLORIDA PEOPLE I mean do we take them all on the first day are there any that stay at home or do we have to carry them all? I just can’t fit anything in there if all we carry in there are books. I don’t know which books I should take or if I should […]

Where can I take an online LPN to RN degree program ?

I want to advance my nursing career and income potential. Thanks.

Lpn Licence In Michigan… How Long / How Many Hours Does It Take To Obtain?

LPN license requires graduation from an accredited practical nursing program, application for a Michigan state license, and passing the NCLEX PN exam. LPN programs are 3 to 4 semesters long (1-2yrs), you need to contact the Michigan state board of nursing for approved Practical nursing programs and take one closest to you. In addition to […]