I Have 90k Worth Of Nursing School Loans Consolidated Thru Sallie Mae Is There Any Way For Loan Forgivness?

There are several programs that can help the loan forgiveness or help lower the amount. Some hospitals or organizations offer a bonus if you work for them for a certain period of time for those in the nursing profession due to the shortage. Americorps, Peace Corps, and Volunteers in Service to America VISTA) have programs […]

Are there any Learn while you Earn Nursing programs ANYWHERE??

I’m a recently divorced single mom, and I really want to become a nurse, at the very least an LVN/LPN. I do not have any strong support network and working while going to nursing school just won’t work right now. I am willing to move anywhere (in the U.S) if I could find an opportunity […]

are there any work for tuition programs?

I was wondering if there are any work-programs that pay for tuition up front and let you work to pay it off. I know about financial aid, scholarships, grants, and student loans but I don’t want anything that is a loan and I am looking for more of a grant or scholarship. I really want […]

Does anyone know if there are nursing(LPN) jobs hiring in missouri?

If you know any nursing jobs that is hiring an LPN please comment, or if you know any jobs at like Walgreens or CVS in the little clinic please comment…. if you also know how much the pay, and there phone # THAT WOULD BE AWESOME…THANKS SOOO MUCH((:

Does anyone know how a nurse can have there student loans completely discharged?

I heard something on the radio about this being possible, but i cant find anything on the sallie mae website.you know that they dont want anyone to know about something like that.

Are there any colleges in Miami where I can get LPN or RN degree in less then 4 yrs.?

I’m going to be moving to Miami in 4 months, I am wanting to go to a school that offers a Nursing License in a two year degree program, like a technical institute college. Are there ANY schools were I can become an LPN or RN after 2 yrs.

Can EMTs become nurses?